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Letting go


For anyone who has developed a meditation practice on a fairly regular basis, you will probably have noticed some subtle changes in how you engage with the world and others. This might be the fact that you react less to events that would normally upset you. You appear to have a little more time to consider [...]

Letting go2020-04-09T22:33:45+01:00

The Age Of Wellness


The weekend paper had an article on "wellness" and was rather dismissive of this "new age hippiedom". It made me think hard about my own thoughts about this especially as I promote "wellness" to my patients. Living in the UK,we are facing a health crisis. We have an ageing population and at the same time [...]

The Age Of Wellness2020-04-09T22:33:57+01:00

Placebo and the art of healing


Pain, just like nausea and vomiting or fever is not a primary problem for the body, but a response to a threat to the body. In the case of pain, it alerts the individual to a wound or injured area and therefore encourages care to keep the area clean or to not use an area [...]

Placebo and the art of healing2020-04-09T22:34:13+01:00

Finding A New Way Of Managing Pain


I have been an osteopath now for 20 years. We were taught to believe that whatever your scan says explains your pain. This is a "biomedical" approach to pain and is the way that the vast majority of practitioners, whether manual therapists or orthopaedic surgeons, still believe that pain operates. However since the 1960's, due to [...]

Finding A New Way Of Managing Pain2020-04-14T23:15:59+01:00
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