Everyone experiences painful situations at some point in their lives. What we would like to know are your feelings about your pain. Please select one option from each of the questions below.

1. How long have you had your current pain problem?
2. How would you rate the pain that you have had during the past week?
For the following 2 questions please click the one number that best describes your current ability to participate in each of these activities.
3. I can do light work (or home duties) for an hour.
4. I can sleep at night
5. How tense or anxious have you felt in the past week?
6. How much have you been bothered by feeling depressed in the past week?
7. In your view, how large is the risk that your current pain may become persistent?
8. In your estimation, what are the chances you will be working your normal duties (at home or work) in 3 months
9. An increase in pain is an indication that I should stop what I’m doing until the pain decreases
10. I should not do my normal work (at work or home duties) with my present pain
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