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Stuck at home? No time to travel to the clinic?

How it works

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There are many reasons why patients may not be able to travel to the clinic but still require treatment. These could vary from the current coronavirus pandemic requiring self isolation, not being able to drive, not wanting to receive hands on treatment and more. For these people virtual appointments could assist in resolving issues.

Graham will ask you to fill in a few forms and questionnaires that help him start to gain an understanding your problem and the best approach to treatment. He will then will call you for a video chat on your desired platform such as whatsapp or facebook messenger, though in the absence of this can be via email and phone. The video or email / telephone call will take about 30 minutes and there will be around 30 minutes required to read over your questionnaires and afterwards create your individualised programme.

When on the call Graham will listen to your story, observe any relevant areas and from his 20 years of experience, make recommendations for self management. This will likely involve video emailed exercise programmes, lifestyle advice- sending links to help you gain a better understanding of your diagnosed complaint. He can offer you mindfulness instruction and relaxation tapes if this would be helpful.

Physical therapy is moving away from just “rub stretch and click” as we learn more about the complexity of pain. All therapists like to touch their patients to help them understand the person presenting to them, but an awful lot can be gathered without touch. It is therefore in line with current thinking, as education, self help tools such as exercise, mindfulness and support in making necessary behaviour changes are now viewed as the best pain management tools.

Online support can be ongoing and can even involve short time frames such as 15 minutes if a problem or query arises. I believe the therapeutic relationship, another very powerful aspect of care, can still be strong in a virtual setting.

This approach to care is becoming more popular as technologies allow us to operate effective online/virtual therapy. Below are some research papers that show favourable outcomes.

First Consultation £55

Follow Up Consultations

£15 for every 15 minutes as required.

Clinic Location & Contact

Although based in Walmer clients travel from many surrounding areas around Kent including from Sandwich, Kingsdown, Eastry and Dover, which are all within a 20 minute drive, for treatment. Please note free parking is available outside the clinic

Graham Yates Osteopath
27 Archery Square,
CT14 7JA

Mobile: 07890 198921

osteopath deal walmer kent

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