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Nick Barwick

“Graham is a great osteopath.
 Regular maintenance visits have reduced osteoarthritis pain in neck and lower back and also greatly improved mobility.
He has helped me understand and self manage the issues which in turn have reduced my anxiety.
 I highly recommend him.”

Amy J

“Graham is very knowledgeable, offering a professional and friendly service in a lovely treatment room. He has helped with my neck pain and headaches and there is no pressure for further treatment or appointments. Would highly recommend.”

Anne D

“I have suffered from a blepharospasm in my right eye for about 25 years. I originally had botox injected into my eyelid, which temporarily cured the problem. This treatment was painful and I tried acupuncture instead. This offered me no benefit, so I went to Graham to see if he could help. After half a dozen hypnotherapy treatments, my eye is so much better and I longer need treatment of any kind.”

Andy C

“I have had three instances where I had a stiff neck and upper back issues. Graham sorted them out after three or four visits each time!”

Neil Carrington, Tree Surgeon

“As a tree surgeon I have used osteopaths frequently for over 45 years. I’m well placed to recommend Graham Yates as by far the most successful Osteopath I have had treatments from.”

S Smith

“I have been seeing Graham for a number of years, with a couple of long term issues. The service I have received has always been excellent. I would highly recommend his practice and have referred a few others to him. Post treatment leaves me feeling well, listened to and relaxed. Thank you!”

Mrs G. S

“Mr Yates was able to help me through a very painful back episode. I had been off work for weeks, had seen other practitioners, but seemed to be getting worse rather than better. He helped me understand what was going on and gave me tapes to listen to and an exercise programme.

I am now back at work and have been pain free and I feel confident in myself again. I really am truly grateful”

Mr N. R

“I have a very physical job and need to see someone regularly over the years. I found Graham and have been very happy with his treatments. He gets stuck in, but also helps me help myself. I am now needing less regular treatments, but know I will be seen quickly when I get into trouble. I recommend him to all my friends and family.”

Mrs S. W

“I have suffered from migraines throughout my adult life. When I was experiencing a very nasty episode of regular migraines I turned to Mr Yates as I liked his website and thought his approach might be different. I was helped to understand that my triggers may be coming from things that I had not considered. Graham gave me physical therapy, but also gave me mindfulness instruction, and I even had one session of hypnotherapy.

I now have them under control, but also I have made some really important changes to my lifestyle and I feel very positive about my future now.”

Mrs Joanne B

“Graham has been helping me through a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I found his approach very different to the various people I had seen up to that point. What I found most helpful is that he listened to me and helped me feel hopeful. I realise that I have to learn to live with my health issues, but I now have a better understanding of ways to manage my condition. I have always felt Graham gives me a good amount of time and attention. I thoroughly recommend anyone with fibromyalgia to make an appointment to see Graham.”

Mr John H

“I have chronic back aches, but Graham has made me feel 10 years younger. I am not sure if it’s his hands, or the fact he got me moving more. Whatever, I’ll take it. Cheers Graham.”

Sally T

“I had a shoulder pain that was diagnosed as a frozen shoulder. I saw Graham about 6 times, was given a new approach, as well as elastic band exercises to carry out. Although I am still stiff, I am now able to sleep at night, as my pain has eased off a lot. I was frightened to use it, but I now feel much more confident and no longer get the sharp pains that were so difficult. I now practise mindfulness as well on Graham’s recommendation.”

Mrs Dianna E

“I was suffering from stress and anxiety, and saw Graham used both mindfulness and hypnotherapy, so made an appointment. I have tried both approaches and found them both helpful. My anxiety has improved a lot and I now use tapes and an app that Graham recommended and I am really pleased with the overall changes I have experienced. He has a lot of knowledge in his fields.”

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